On February 25, 2020, the Supreme People’s Court issued Decision 50 / QD-CA on the publication of case law.

Accordingly, eight additional new precedents will be applied for trial from April 15, 2020:

– Case law No. 30/2020 / AL on the intentional act of manipulating inserted vehicles into victims after a traffic accident.

– Case law No. 31/2020 / AL defining the right to rent, buy state-owned houses under the Government’s Decree No. 61 / CP of July 5, 1994 is the property right.

– Case law No. 32/2020 / AL on the case of land exploited by individuals but then settled abroad and other people have managed and used it stably and permanently.

– Case law No. 33/2020 / AL for individuals who are allocated land but are not using it and letting it be managed and used stably and permanently by others.

– Case law No. 34/2020 / AL on the right to make a will to determine the value of compensation for land in case the State revoke the land  with compensation.

– Case law No. 35/2020 / AL on Vietnamese people hand over agricultural land to domestic people for use before settling down abroad.

– Case law No. 36/2020 / AL on the validity of the contract on mortgage of land use rights when the certificate of land use right is revoked or canceled.

– Case law No. 37/2020 / AL on the validity of property insurance contracts in case the purchaser of insurance pays premiums after the end of premium payment period.

Decision 50 / QD-CA officially takes effect from the date of signing.

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