This is a remarkable content in Circular 14/2020 / TT-BCA detailing the regime of meeting, receiving gifts and contact of prisoners.

According to the Circular, the maximum people visiting to a prisoner is not more than 03 relatives; however, in case of a request for reform education, the head of the detention headquarter may decide to increase the number of relatives but not more than 05 people.

(According to current regulations, the number of relatives allowed to meet an offender must not exceed 03).

The increase in the number of relatives meeting prisoners must ensure that it does not affect the security and safety of the detention facilities.

In addition, this Circular also stipulates in detail the regime of meeting of prisoners; the subject meets the offender; the house meets an offender; prisoners receiving gifts; receive and send mail; Contact relatives by phone …

Circular 14/2020 / TT-BCA set on to take effect on March 26, 2020 and replaces Circular 07/2018 / TT-BCA dated February 12, 2018.

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